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Warfield CE Primary School

Extra Curricular Clubs, Trips & Experiences

Learning is more that classroom teaching, learning is enriched and enhanced through experience and opportunity to apply our knowledge in real life.

At Warfield we enrich our school life through a range of extra curricular clubs, visitors, trips and experiences.

  Extra Curricular Clubs

School staff run after school and lunchtime clubs on a voluntary basis. The clubs cover a wide range of different themes, sporting, arts and craft, cooking, discussion, science, reading, gardening and each club runs for half a term. These clubs have no charge.

Sometimes external providers offer other opportunities for example music lessons, these do incur a charge and information regarding this can be obtained from the school office.

Club booking takes place via Operoo

Summer Term Clubs Timetable

Trips and Experiences

We recognise that nothing is a substitute for real life hands on experiences that are provided through visitors into and trips outside of school.

These opportunities usually have a cost in order for them to go ahead. Whilst the school works hard to minimise costs, voluntary contributions from families are essential in order to ensure these opportunities can go ahead.

During the Meet the Teacher meetings at the beginning of September you will receive an overview of approximate costs and experiences expected over the school year.

For residential trips payment schedules are implemented several months in advance of the trip.

All communications regarding trips and visits will be via Operoo. Emails and forms will be provided to authorise your child’s attendance. 

Pupil Premium, Free School Meals and Trips.

  • The pupil premium grant is government funding that is allocated to schools in order to support the learning of disadvantaged children. The amount of funding the school gets is based on the number of children they have that fall into a number of identified vulnerable groups. For more information about pupil premium please visit this page.

    The school reserves a small portion of this funding to support families whose children would otherwise would not be able to access trips and experiences.

    • Children who are currently receiving free school meals (FSM1) are not asked to contribute to school trips or experiences, and are offered a 50% discount on residential visits.
    • Children who were receiving free school meals but no longer are (FSM6) will not automatically receive funding for school trips but will be entitled to a 25% discount for residential visits.
    • For children receiving the pupil premium grant for an alternative reason (CLA, ADPT, SGO, Forces) funding for extra-curricular trips and residential visits is not automatic,

At Warfield we strive to ensure all children are able to access these opportunities, and ask any families who are unable to support the voluntary contribution to contact the school and ask to speak to Karen Callard who will be able to help you. Please note we maintain the utmost discretion in these matters. before refusing permission for the trip.

 Medications and Additional Needs

Please complete the Operoo form prior to the trip with any needs your child may have. Qualified first aiders will be able to administer minor first aid and medications with the appropriate consent.

 Offsite permissions

Early in the Autumn Term you will receive an offsite permissions form which gives general permission for certain activities to occur without prior parental consent over the year, these include going for walks in the local area around school and going on the school minibus.